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Air-termination Systems and Accessories Suppliers

Air-termination rods, air-termination tips and mounting material such as concrete bases, fixing brackets and clamps are used to protect superstructures protruding from the roof against direct lightning strikes.

Air-termination Rods

Air-termination RodsFor protecting roof-mounted structures, chimneys, etc., also for erection with concrete base. Depending on the gust wind speed additional fasteners e.g. DEHNiso spacers are necessary.

Concrete Bases

Concrete BasesFor air-termination rods, for protecting small-sized roof-mounted structures on flat roofs and for installing spacers of the DEHNiso spacer programme, e.g. for isolated ring conductors or for self-supporting air-termination rods in the tripod (only with a weight of 17 kg).

Support Plates

Support PlatesFor protecting the roof sheeting under the concrete base.

Air-termination Rod for Ridge and Hip Tiles

Air-termination Rod for Ridge and Hip TilesFor protecting solar thermal modules or photovoltaic generators or other roof-mounted structures on gable roofs. Installation by means of a clamping bracket which is stepwise adjustable to the diameter of the ridge tiles.

Holders for Air-termination System on Ridge and Hip Tiles

Holders for Air-termination System on Ridge and Hip TilesFor air-termination rods or spacer bars with conductor holder, for protecting solar thermal modules, photovoltaic generators or other roof-mounted structures on gable roofs. Tensioning strip clamping bracket as holder fitting. With one clip permanently attached at the tensioning strap and an adjustable clip the holder can be mounted at various types of ridge tiles. Air-termination rods or spacer bars have to be ordered separately.

Air-termination Rod Holder for Gable Roofs

Air-termination Rod Holder for Gable RoofsFor the erection of air-termination rods or air-termination rods GRP/Al to protect e.g. photovoltaic generators on gable roofs.

For mounting of:
– Air-termination rods Ø16/10 mm
– Air-termination rods GRP/Al, Ø16/10 mm
– Air-termination rods Ø10 mm

The necessary roof bushing kit has to be ordere separately.

Air-termination Rods D40

Air-termination Rods D40For fixing e.g. on walls or other constructions. The maximum free length relates to the distance between the rod tip and the upper support (fixing point). For reasons of stability three supports shall be mounted. The distance between upper support and middle support must not exceed 15 cm. The bottom rod holder has to be fixed in a height of ≤ 15 cm.

Tripods for Air-termination Rods D40 and Supporting Tubes GRP/Al

Tripods for Air-termination Rods D40 and Supporting Tubes GRP/AlFor erection with concrete bases (weight 17 kg). By means of threaded rod M16 adjustable to the roof inclination up to max. 10°. Air-termination rods D40 / supporting tubes or the stackable concrete block (Part No. 102 010) and the support plate (Part No. 102 050) have to be ordered separately.

Air-termination Rods for Metal Roofs

Air-termination Rods for Metal RoofsFor protecting roof-mounted structures, domelights, etc. Braces with boreholes (Ø11 mm) to be fixed on the roof by means of four roof conductor holders. The conductor holders have to be chosen according to the roof profile. A round standing seam e.g. requires Part No. 223 010, or a standing seam Part No. 365 059.

Pipe Clamp for Air-termination Rods

Pipe Clamp for Air-termination RodsFor fixing as well as lightning-current-carrying-capable contacting of the air-termination rod e.g. at metal subconstructions of photovoltaic (PV) installations (square hollow profile); typically installed at steel skeleton or reinforced concrete structures. For mounting at pipes, the pressure plate (flat plate 2x angled) has to be removed.

Rod Holder for Gable Roofs

Rod Holder for Gable RoofsFooting for air-termination rods to be fixed on gable roofs with anti-rotation feature (toothed washer) and lock nut as well as bores for screwing the brace at the roof battens. At the chimney the air-termination rod shall to be fixed additionally e.g. by means of DEHNiso spacer.

Angled Air-termination Rods

Angled Air-termination RodsFor protecting e.g. ground-installed photovoltaic systems or PV systems on carports in case of direct lightning strike. Air-termination rod incl. two saddle clamps (Part No. 365 031)

Air-termination Rod Adapter

Air-termination Rod AdapterFor uprighting air-termination rods in case of roof inclinations up to 10° For use with wedge mounting concrete bases (Part No. 102 010 or 102 340)

Air-termination Stud

Air-termination Studfor the installation of meshed air-termination systems, for walkable and drivable flat roofs, e.g. parcking decks

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