Lightning is one of the oldest observed natural phenomenon on earth. At the same time it is also one of the least understood. At any given moment, there can be 2,000 thunderstorms occurring across the globe. It can wreak havoc on human life and property. We at IPCS (Ingenious Power and Control Systems Pvt Ltd) offer you a complete range of conventional Lightning Protection Systems for residents and commercial buildings as per IEC 62305 standards. Also we have suitable Surge Protection Devices for electrical and data line protection.

We, IPCS is the authorized channel partner of Dehn Germany for their Lightning and Surge Protection Systems. DEHN is 106 Years old German based company and leaders in the field of Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Safety Equipment. DEHN is the largest and most experienced company in the field of lightning protection in the world. With its Indian subsidiary, it serves 11 countries with its own operations and it is represented in more than 80 countries by its sole distributors, partners and agencies.

DEHN products and solutions have been awarded distinctions at many occasions in various fields like Infrastructure, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Wind Mills, Solar PV, Sewage Plant, Railway systems, Industry and Process automation all over the world.

Lightning Arrester for Buildings/Residences Earthing Solutions for Electrical Applications Lightning & Surge Protections for AC line Lightning & Surge Protections for DC line Lightning Protection for Solar Systems



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