Lightning Protection Solutions for Mobile Communication

Lightning Protection Solutions for Mobile Communication

Reliable protection against lightning and surge damage is an important aspect when redesigning and extending the existing network infrastructure. Due to the ever growing demand for transmission capacities and network availability, existing structures must be constantly extended. New transmission technologies also require constant adaptation of the hardware. Technology is becoming ever more powerful but at the same time more and more sensitive.

The higher the investment costs, the more important is the consistent protection from damage that may bring the installation to a standstill. Rely on a comprehensive protection system The top priority is to prevent lightning damage to the host building, mobile radio infrastructure and electrical systems. Permanent system availability is always paramount.

A standard-compliant (DIN VDE 0855-300 or IEC 62305) protection system for all components of the transmitting system consists of
• External lightning protection including air-termination systems, down conductors and the earth-termination system.
• Internal lightning protection including surge protection for lightning equipotential bonding.

Radio Base Station - AC Supply Unit

The radio base station is typically supplied by a separate line – irrespective of the rest of the building. The supply line to the cell site downstream of the meter and in the a.c. sub-distribution board upstream of the radio base station should be protected by adequate lightning current and surge arresters.

Total performance packed into just 4 standard DIN modules! DEHNvap with its new compact design has a total current of 100kA (10/350µs) making it the smallest combined arrester with these performance parameters currently available on the market.

This device fulfils the maximum requirements on lightning current discharge capacity according to IEC EN 60364-5-53 and the requirements of IEC EN 62305 with regard to class of LPS I/II.

Simple realisation of feed-through wiring is possible by connecting in series, e.g. with STAK 25.

Preventing false tripping of system fuses:-
The infrastructure in main and system power supplies is protected by proven combined arresters (combined lightning current and surge arresters). DEHN combined arresters are characterised by an extremely high follow current extinguishing and limitation capability, thus preventing false tripping of system fuses which would disconnect the cell sites. This leads to an extremely high system availability.

Universal usage – irrespective of the power system:-
DEHNvap CSP was specifically designed for the requirements in the mobile radio sector. This arrester can be used universally irrespective of the power system. Thanks to its integrated 3+1 circuit, it reliably protects TN-S and TT systems.

Plug-in, prewired combined arrester, energy-coordinated with power supply systems for cell sites in 8 standard DIN module design

Remote Radio Unit - DC Supply Unit

Modern mobile radio technologies include remote radio technology where the HF amplifiers are installed in a separate housing next to the antennas.

Risk of injection:-
If supply lines are installed in parallel to the mast, there is the risk that surges are injected into these lines. The same applies to the antenna lines. To reduce injection of surges to an acceptable level, the supply line leaving the base station and the supply line at the amplifier near the antenna are protected by installing adequate lightning current and surge arresters.

DEHNsecure modular particularly for 48 V d.c:-
Protect your system with DEHNsecure. This modular arrester is specifically designed and tested for the high operating currents of the 48 V d.c. supply. The vibration-resistant module locking system ensures that the protection module is firmly secured to the base part. It withstands shock, vibration and the enormous mechanical load of discharge occurrences.

Good to know: The protection module is replaced without tools by simply pressing the module release button, meaning that it can be safely replaced during operation without interrupting the power supply.


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