Lightning Protection Solutions for FOR INDUSTRIAL PLANTS

Lightning Protection Solutions FOR INDUSTRIAL PLANTS DEHN offers comprehensive protection solutions in the fields of surge protection, lightning protection/earthing and safety equipment for many different industries.As an expert for the power industry, DEHN offers special protection solutions and products ranging from power generation, transmission and distribution to power consumption particularly for photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, biogas plants and complete smart energy systems. In the case of chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Independent of chemical or pharmaceutical final products, toxic, flammable or explosive substances are processed in almost all production processes of this industry. Personal protection, environmental protection and protection of material assets are thus the top priority. To improve system reliability and availability, many chemical and pharmaceutical companies rely on the long-standing experience and innovative products from DEHN.

Production facilities

To meet these requirements, the ongoing production process must be fully monitored and directly controlled, even under lightning and surge conditions. Apart from systems required for normal operation, this particularly applies to safety systems such as emergency shutdown systems, gas detectors, fire alarm systems or escape route lighting. Therefore, protection measures must be taken to prevent failure of the associated sensors and actuators. These include all measures required to implement an efficient lightning protection concept, ranging from the earth-termination system and an external lightning protection system to suitable lightning current and surge arresters of different design, depending on the field of application and the terminal equipment to be protected. Maximum safety must not only be ensured for the relevant technology, but particularly for workers. Personal protective equipment and safety devices for work on electrical installations according to the 5 safety rules are indispensable. DEHN offers innovative solutions for all requirements ranging from the earth-termination system to arc-fault-tested protective equipment.

Storage facilities and tanks

Explosive, extremely flammable, toxic, corrosive, dangerous for the environment – these are only a few characteristics of different chemical or pharmaceutical products. Thus, storage of products with these or similar characteristics implies a high hazard potential. For this reason, specific protection measures, for example fire and explosion protection measures, must be taken to ensure personal and environmental protection. Depending on the risk assessment, different ways lead to the protection goals. Be it protective devices used to prevent the risk of ignition in case of a lightning strike or surge protection measures to ensure the availability of fire fighting and cooling systems – The chemical industry relies on the long-standing experience and reliable products from DEHN.


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